Configure TwitterwatchΒΆ

As a prerequisite to use Twitterwatch, you need a Twitter app. Log in Twitter, go to, create an app and generate the access token.

In order to configure Twitterwatch, you need to create a twitterwatch.ini file (or any name you prefer, finishing with the extension .ini) with the following parameters:




For the [twitter] section:

  • consumer_key: the Twitter consumer key (see your webpage)
  • consumer_secret: the Twitter consumer secret key (see your webpage)
  • access_token: the Twitter access token key (see your webpage)
  • access_token_secret: the Twitter access token secret key (see your webpage)

For the [mail] section:

  • host: the name of the mail server to connect with SMTP
  • from: mail address sending the email alerts
  • to: mail address of the recipient of the email alerts